Master Mind for Business Success

20 Mar

How You Can Build a Driving Force to Create Profitable Business

First of all, you can be sure it’s a fact that no man is an island and nobody is one-hundred percent self-made, or very successful, without the positive and willing cooperation of others.  It’s just not possible.

You can easily prove this fact to yourself.  To do so, all you need to do is, take a look into your day-to-day activities and scrutinize them for this particular condition–positive and willing cooperation from others.  When you do this exercise, you’ll easily see this friendly co-operation coming from somebody.  Look to see who it is coming from, beyond today and yesterday.  Look to see if it is coming from associates, friends, family, teachers, coaches, counselors or business associations (co-workers, partners, employers, employees, vendors, customers, etc.).  It is there if you look for it. (If you don’t see any co-operation, you are probably very frustrated–which is an indicator of the need for change.)  If you took a serious look, I’ll bet you found a lot of co-operation; you’ve just grown used to it and now take it for granted—like a body part you use every day.

Now let’s study your success from the perspective of the company you keep.  You’ve probably heard this wisdom recited from a parent, grandparent, concerned adult friend or teacher.  (And, if you’re a parent you’ve probably told this to your children.)  “You become like the company you keep.” Or, “Birds of a feather flock together.”  And, just as in the above truth, regarding friendly co-operation, this wisdom is easily verifiable via introspection and observation of your reality.

Now, if it’s true that, “Birds of a feather flock together”, then wouldn’t it be wise to hang out daily with the following types of people: people who you most admire, individuals who share the same dreams and goals as you have for yourself; people you would enjoy being with a lot; individuals who are either already at or striving to be at the same social and/or economic status as that which you desire? (Yes?)

So, who are you hanging out with?  Who are you in business with?  Who are you working side by side with?  Who are you married to?   Why?  (Ask yourself, why? as a follow-up to all of your answers.)  And then, who should you be around more often?

To summarize, what we’ve said above is simply this: you need the friendly co-operation of other people and the company you keep rubs off on you.  You probably have always known these two things; but have you consciously used them to your advantage, and monitored the results from using them purposely?

The good news here is that, you can use this information to improve the quality of your business and your life in general.  And you can begin to do so as soon as you want to do so.  It’s only a matter of choice.  This you have control over.

From this knowledge comes the deduction that, you can manufacture greater and greater achievement by acknowledging these truths and then doing something with this information–act on it!  In other words, develop a plan for attention, identification, action, and review, as a routine, to bring your performance into alignment with what you desire.

Yes, you can deliberately use this knowledge to control your reality and life experience.

And here’s how: If you want to succeed in a big way, then it’s time to get with the right crowd, partner up with those who you can share yourself with and provide mutual benefits to and who you want to achieve something with.  Join with those people who provide to you something you need but in a mutually beneficial, positive, uplifting relationship.  Also, find and learn from the right mentor(s); adopt his or her beliefs where it is logical, ethical and appropriate to your life and dreams.  Hang out and work with those people of whom you wouldn’t mind if they rubbed off on you; because they will–and vice versa. (Characteristics, beliefs, attitudes, thinking styles, language, communications skills, habits, morals, etc., all of these things are transferred and adopted, slowly but surely, over time, within groups of people.)

A sure-fire way to “get with the right crowd” and accomplish this positive partnering is to intentionally create and join Master Mind groups.  Master Mind groups are groups that serve the needs of all the members and are focused on the achievement of a mutually desired goal.

Master Mind Defined
The phrase “Master Mind was first used by author Napoleon Hill, in his Science of Success Philosophy, to describe a powerful achievement concept.  At the urging of steel tycoon Andrew Carnegie, Mr. Hill was engaged in an exhaustive study of how individuals have won great business success.  Sharing his findings, with anyone who wished to obtain this knowledge, was the stated purpose of this study.  During his research, he coined the term “Master Mind” to describe a success concept whereby anyone may obtain the know-how and friendly co-operation of others, in all ways, through the formation of a focused group.  The purpose in creating this group is for the attainment of an ambition.

Hill recognized that all successful men and women came to know that, it is impossible to obtain huge goals without a group working harmoniously towards the same.  Like honey bees building a honeycomb, a Master Mind group provides the organized co-operation to accomplish a big goal.

Success in the creation of a Master Mind is dependent on its being a mutually agreed upon sympathetic relationship between members.  This is critical to achieve a major objective.

In his classic success book, “Think and Grow Rich”, Mr. Hill defines the Master Mind Principle as: “Coordination of knowledge and effort, in a spirit of harmony, between two or more people, for the attainment of a definite purpose.”

Now comes from Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary the definition of the word mastermind as, mastermind (n): a person who supplies the directing or creative intelligence for a project.

From the above two definitions you can easily identify the difference in the word mastermind and the term “Master Mind”.  It’s an important distinction to be aware of in terms of using this concept addressed herein.

Why would you want to form a “Master Mind”?

There are two general reasons for forming Master Mind associations.

  1. Personal and social reasons;  and,
  2. Business, professional and economic purposes.

Regardless of your purpose, you form the team in order to gain the benefits of experience, training, know-how, talent, skill, friendship, intelligence and knowledge of others.  You form it to create marvelous motivation, emotional drive and faith in pursuit of some strong desire.  You do so, to establish and provide a joint effort in subconscious problem solving, creativity and brainstorming, to accomplish your desire.  You create it to enlist and unleash the power of others, in a concentrated team effort, wherein the sum of the parts is more potent than the individuals could be alone.  And, you do it because it brings you the skills, knowledge, muscle and enthusiastic help of other people; individuals of whom without, there is no way you could accomplish anywhere near as much.

Among its many uses (and there are many) is the formation and running of a successful business.  In this regard, it can help you bring a business to life and to the greatest heights of success.

Establish the Purpose for Creating your Master Mind group
In order to be a focused group, there must be an agreed upon reason for collaboration.  What is the goal for the Master Mind Team?  The answer to this question is the group’s reason for being.  Once the general purpose has been established, spend some time crystallizing your vision; because, the more precisely you define it, the better the team results will be.

Forming and Maintaining the Master Mind
Each group must be, intentionally and specifically created, the individuals critically selected, the group purposefully organized, and routinely cultivated; and, it must always be used correctly, in order to successfully achieve the intended purpose of its formation.  This stuff is all vital; your mission is at stake.

Benefits for All
Make certain there is a benefit to everyone in the group.

The Necessary Success Qualities of a Master Mind Group:

  1. Perfect harmony among all members
  2. A specific, dynamic, invigorating purpose
  3. A strategic plan
  4. Disciplined individuals and disciplined as a group
  5. A good reputation
  6. Teamwork
  7. Individual efforts intensified through focus and coordination

The most critical success quality of the individual members of a Master Mind group is:

  1. Harmonious mentality –– a desire and willingness to get along with others.
    The ability to keep perfect harmony with other people is the sign of a mature and healthy personality. In regards to the success of your Master Mind group, this is the number one thing that must be adhered to.  Perfect harmony among the Master Mind group members is a must.  Therefore, each member must exhibit (or be trainable and willing to use) personal interaction skills when dealing with one another.  Some examples are: concentration when listening, tactful requests, reasoning with logic, diplomacy, a positive attitude towards each other, consideration, sensitivity and thoughtfulness towards one another and overall common sense when dealing with people.  This is a critical personal trait that each member must possess and exercise more often than not.

Master Mind for Business Leaders, in a Nutshell
You can manufacture great achievement by intentionally creating great Master Mind Teams.  You can use this idea to improve the quality of any business and any life in general.

A successful Master Mind group is the result of selective partnering for a purpose.

If you have a business (or want to create one) wherein you rely on others for the function and success of the business, the Master Mind Team concept will work wonders for you.

If you are a sole proprietor, doing most or all of the work yourself, you can still utilize this Master Mind principle. If this is your situation, you can adopt and adapt this concept in many ways.  Such as, you can create a group of “like-minded” business owners; and/or, creatively group with whomever you engage in business with (subcontractors, outsourcing companies, suppliers or customers).  In addition, you can Master Mind with your spouse, or the family and friends who can or do help you.

The point is, if you’re in business, any kind of business, you can adopt and adapt this Master Mind idea to your benefit.  In doing so, you can build a long-lasting driving force that creates profitable business.  Make it a great Master Mind and it will give you an unfair advantage.

As a final point, yes–you can deliberately use this knowledge to control your reality and life experience.  Now that’s a compelling concept!  It does take action though; so: Plan it; expect it; do it!

I hope you consciously use the Master Mind principle to your advantage; if you do, it will be one of the greatest and most powerful ideas you will have ever put to use.


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